Pablo Andino | Javier Barrios


Politics Take Center Stage at New Art Dealers Alliance in New York

(...) Other highlights throughout the fair include Swivel Gallery’s presentation of artist Walter Cruz, exhibiting a multimedia series of painted wall sculptures wrapped in knotted rope, suggesting both physical captivity and the freedoms of expression; paintings by Adrienne Elise Tarver at Dinner Gallery, in particular Eclipse, which grants visibility to the often-untold labor narratives of enslaved women on plantations in interior, domestic settings; a presentation of wild, frenetic, color-saturated paintings by Julia Jo at Charles Moffet (the full series of which sold out within the first hour of the fair); Proyecto N.A.S.A.L.’s exhibit of Ecuadorian artist Pablo Andino’s funky, tempura-fried wood chips, which are treated as canvases and painted with body-part motifs that beckon touch against the curious texture of the “tempura;” and La Mama Galleria’s presentation of prolific textile artist-designer Liz Collins, whose uncharacteristically monotone series of hand-woven works reflect their inspiration—a fierce, albeit meditative blizzard that persisted throughout the duration of the series’ completion.