New Art Dealers Alliance • NADA NYC 2024

Armando Rosales
"Some Nested Findings"

Armando Rosales-Rivero presents a collection of sculptures exploring the interplay between restoration and inflammation pushing the boundaries of identity after nearly a decade away from his homeland. Rosales's artistic practice navigates between the realms of reason and intuition, employing them as instruments to interrogate the complex interplay among the personal, the institutional, and the political.

"Some Nested Findings" is an essay delving into the potential encounters between objects displaced from their original functions, pondering the notion of belonging despite the weight of their narratives—a dynamic process of reconfiguration with an uncertain destination focusing on (re)assembly to transition into a new realm of significance.

This body of work focuses on sculptures that mix his extended textile techniques with metal, plastic, and porcelain pushing the manifestation of symptoms into material forms, and if and how the impulse to reconstruct stems from political influences or natural forces. His creations speculate on the intricacies of societal norms that influence our actions within specific environments, and how these dynamics intersect with the human body's capacity for understanding and adaptation.

Scattered clues appear amongst the bent and inflamed shapes, merging and separating, occasionally regenerating or undergoing transplants. They bear witness to various impacts, with gaps filled and remnants projecting forward from fragments of the past. The narrative remains unresolved, perpetuating a ritual of continuity in the wake of displacement.