Beyond Zona MACO:
What We Saw During Mexico City Art Week

Fuente: BmoreArt.com

Words: Michael Anthony Farley
February 15, 2024

Remember that short-lived (2005-2006) MTV parody children’s show Wonder Showzen? I vaguely recall a running gag on the politically-incorrect (unimaginably so by today’s standards) black comedy wherein the word “Mexico” was usually whispered in a tone that was equal parts sinister and seductive. That pretty much sums up my cognitive functions every February, when the art world descends on the Valle de México like a plague of locusts in search of tempting “authenticity” to frenetically consume until all the chinampas are stripped bare of their crops.

“Mexico” is the art world’s tempestuous darling du jour: the country, the city, the week of art fairs and related events that no longer represents just seven days but an amorphous, borderless stretch of time, FOMO-rattled mindset, and obligations. Mexico City in artspeak has sprawled like its geographical namesake.


I was also excited to check out Proyectos N.A.S.A.L., who recently opened a gorgeous second location in Roma Norte following their success in Guayaquil, Ecuador.