Luis Enrique Zela-Koort


<< Modern Desires >> seeks to relate gender and nature perspectives with the narratives of recent technological development. In this way, his works present reflections on how humanity relates to the world, integrating notions of technology and culture.
Central to the artist's work is technology, which she uses to relate nature and modernity to her pieces. She creates objects where technology and digital fabrication meet to emphasize the sensual qualities of materialities and their relationship to the human and post-human. The artist in turn uses experimental techniques such as 3D printing and virtual reality in combination with ceramics or more traditional processes. The exhibition seeks to destabilize the fictions that sustain the nature-technology binary and at the same time create sensory experiences.
Luis Enrique is an artist and researcher who focuses on technological responses to biases that would otherwise be classified as objective truth; the de-construction of the conceptual dynamics of the anthropocene between culture and nature, and the ideological instrumentalization of science. He creates metafictions to frame an ever-evolving reality. His sculptures and videos create interactive baroque installations, articulating digital tools and traditional processes.
"There is no immaculate tool, just as there is no body without knowledge. The desire that mobilizes the world, using technology, is heteronormed and binary. DESEOS MODERNOS seeks to dislocate, through different strategies, foundational characterizations of modernity to imagine other ways of being-in-world."
- Luis Enrique Zela-Koort.