Armando Rosales

NADA Miami 2021

Modos de Aguante.
Proyecto NASAL

Armando Rosales’s work fluctuates between the conscious and the intuitive as tools to question the relationship between the intimate, the institutional and the political.

He uses sculpture and installation as possibilities to confront the viewer while exploring form and synthesis, seeking conjectures on how the mechanisms that shape our behavior act in a given context and its connections with the body as a vehicle of learning.

On this occasion, Rosales brings a body of work made within the confines of his domestic settings, based on assembled objects from his collections of material hoardings. Modos de aguante flows from an intention to bypass language.

A material essay where form connects directly to physical distress, pressure and inflammation as signs of a body in trouble. Scars and indentations cross a wide variety of materials where decay and a forced intent of togetherness stand out. Fabric vs metal, plastic vs stone, soft tissue hardened, racing and pacing, the pieces embody frozen actions as untranslated interpretations of the unknown. An exploration without a machete to cut the dense forest ahead.