Estefania Puerta

Considering the historic use of amulets as vessels for reclaiming agency and imbuing materials with mythic potential, Puerta’s solo presentation of small sculptures and reliefs is a reflection of how to remake the world. As the world makes immigrants into aliens, uteruses into weapons, nature into property, touch into a digital ghost, these works explore a remaking of how we carry time, touch, and place back into new bodies.

Puerta is particularly interested in how to embed her own body and place into the work as a way to look at these pieces as migrating bodies carrying within them a history and future. Whether it be her hair, an image of her own body, or bristles she used to clean her studio, Puerta intends for these parts of herself and the various other materials she uses to be transformed into something that questions the utility or sentience of a thing and how we identify with these forms as either familiar or foreign; comforting or threatening.