Miguel Andrade Valdez

Miguel Andrade Valdez is an artist based in Lima, Peru, who works in the borderland between sculpture, design and architecture. In his work, he reflects and comments on architecture and society, and investigates the cityscape and vernacular sculptures found in Lima and in many other Latin American cities. He sees sculpture as an archeology of our times and architecture as a representation of time. In recent years he has started to merge inspiration from modern architecture with the pre-Colombian Huacas of Peru into sculptural works and has redefined his role as an artist to include architecture and design, notably by forming the design studio Taller Tarapacá that combines heritage craft with contemporary design. At the core of his work is the complex relation between the individual and the state, laid out already in Plato’s Socratic dialogue The Republic from the 4th C BC, and pervading human history. His work is research based, but it’s a type of investigation that only can be made through the artistic process, and often involves collaboration.