ArPa São Paulo

Luis Enrique Zela-Koort

For ArPa 2024, N.A.S.A.L presents "Receptacles", a solo-project by Peruvian artist Luis Enrique Zela-Koort. This exhibition explores humanity as a vessel for transcendental forces, highlighting the dynamic exchange between our bodies, minds, and environment. We are containers for myriad influences, both worldly and divine, constantly interacting and transforming, giving shape to our shared experience of reality. By challenging modern binaries—such as inside/outside, human/non-human, culture/nature, healthy/sick—this project invites us to consider new ways of relating to the world we inhabit.

Central to the exhibition is "Bulb of Latent Desires", a sculpture containing a replica of the primordial soup within a blooming modular structure. This piece prompts viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life and our role as receptacles for the infinite potential of existence. The accompanying paintings depict living organisms actively transforming within their environments, presenting a micro-macro collapse. These works challenge the narratives imposed by capital, replacing the modern logic of virality with symbiosis, exploring life’s boundless potential through matter and spirit.

The exhibition also features five stained glass works. Among them is a geometric triptych translating a visualization of the artist’s orgasms using EEG data to glass, turning intimate experiences into universal narratives. The "Conjuring Xenonarratives" series uses AI to create non-binary fictions, transcending time and space, summoning new narratives. The show is rounded out by six torch-sculpted glass micro-sculptures replicating the anatomy of OBELISK viroids, newly discovered organisms that underscore the complexity of our internal biome and our permeable, holobiont nature.

The creation of these works is a careful integration of traditional techniques and contemporary methods. The stained glass pieces, for instance, merge classical artistry with digital innovations. Screen-printed on glass, kiln-fused, and hand-painted, these images are assembled into a narrative grid that can be read in any direction, reflecting Zela-Koort’s interest in queer metaphysics, where diversity and difference drive the unfolding of reality.

"Receptacles" invites viewers to rethink the boundaries between self and cosmos. By merging scientific, technological, erotic, sensual, and mystical elements, Zela-Koort envisions new possibilities for existence and desire. This exhibition encourages us to move beyond binary constructs, embracing a fluid and interconnected understanding of reality.